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Business-Games is owned and run by Lykke & Co A/S

About us

The page is owned and run by Lykke & Co A/S.

Lykke & Co A/S is the entity behind different educational and entertaining team building activities. We have existed since 2007 and we have held more than 2.400 events.

Yearly, we establish over 300 events and the experience this has given us has led to the development of the self-print games that you find on

We offer our team building games in Danish and English, and we offer the majority of our self-print games in English, German and Danish.

We are passionate about what we do
and we believe that going to work has to be fun!

We develop all of our games ourselves.
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Our values

Here at Lykke & Co, our values are saturated in everything we do. They are not just words - they are meaningful to us.
  • 1.


    We say things as they are and always keep our promises. Truthfulness is not at discussion. We take responsibility and act humble.

  • 2.


    Quality is saturated in everything we say and do. The products that we deliver are of high quality and professionalism, which creates a feeling of security both internally and externally.

  • 3.


    We love what we do and that is visible! Our enthusiasm creates a great working environment and happiness both internally and for the customer.

  • 4.


    Actions speak louder than words. We are proactive in terms of our clients and we often optimize our working methods. We focus on developing new products and services.

We collect happy customers

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Did the game live up to your expectations?


Was the difficulty fitting?


The team behind Lykke & Co A/S

We are a team of creative and solution-oriented people

Lykke & Co A/S have entertained over 120.000 people!

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