Purchase and payment

1. When do i receive the file?

You can download the file as soon as you have paid. A few minutes after purchase you will receive an order confirmation with the link for the download.

2. For how long can I use the file?

The file can be used for at least 6 months after purchase. The exact date will be on the order confirmation. You are not allowed to resell the file.

3. Can I cancel my purchase?

It is not possible to cancel your purchase as we sell digital files that arrive immediately. Thus, our products are not subject to the right of cancellation.

4. Can I pay with EAN-no. or via an invoice?

For an administrative fee of 250 DKK excluding VAT, you can pay with EAN-no. or Invoice. To hear more about this contact us at: contact@business-games.com.

Download and printing

1. How do I print the file?

All of the games and exercises have to be printed in A4 size. In most cases, the file only has to be printed once, but if you are many teams or participants then you might need to print more examples. If so, this will be noted in the instructions.

2. In which format will the file be delivered?

All of our products are delivered as a PDF-file.

On the day

1. As the one who purchases the game, what is my role during the game?

The majority of our games and exercises need what we call an instructor. The instructor has to present the game and rules for the participants. All of our products are ready to use, so they are easy to handle. The instructor should read the detailed manual before starting the game. This takes around 5-15 minutes to do. For some of the exercises, you need writing equipment or scissors. These will be prepared by you, the instructor.

2. We speak different languages

We offer a lot of our games in both English, German and Danish. Thus, you can buy the game in multiple languages, and give papers in different languages to the participants.

Don’t know what to choose? Let us help you out…

If you have any questions before or after you purchase, then you are welcome to contact us via email. All inquiries will be answered as soon as possible on working days, and in no longer than 48 hours.

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